InToTally’s leadership

Alvaro Lopez-Medrano

Founder & CEO

Alvaro is the founder of InToTally and holds four international fundamental wireless patents regarding a breakthrough solution for power control in 3G mobile technology. On average, the solution increases LTE and 3G network capacity by 40 percent.

Before founding InToTally, López-Medrano worked in the design of the sensors of the combat aircraft Eurofighter Typhoon at the European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company.  He started his professional career at Accenture and he is expert in financial derivatives. He is reviewer of IEEE Electronic Letters in Communications.

After completing his Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering at the Universidad Politécnica, he finished his MSc in Astronautics and Space Engineering at Cranfield University specializing in satellite attitude control. It was here that he applied this control engineering principles to mobile communications. His research at Cranfield was twice awarded the Royal Aeronautic Society Prize and the Vega Space Systems Engineering Prize. Here were the beginnings of the novel research that was applied to 3G power control and later resulted in the creation of InToTally.

López-Medrano´s solution was first patented (Patent Number: US7200123) and then published at the IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC) 2003, Orlando. One of the reviewers of the mentioned VTC paper stated: “The approach presented in this paper is a solid background for the problem of power control in CDMA.” He filed three more patents to improve the power control solution (Patent numbers: US0042718, US7558593, US7532865). Field measurements from 3G cell sites and handsets confirmed the slow convergence speed of the OLPC.

With the aid of Vodafone the solution has been successfully tested in network and handsets manufacturers and is now being commercially deployed worldwide.

Miguel Blanco

Chief Technology Officer

Miguel Blanco assumed the role of CTO in 2009 where he leads research and product development. He joined InToTally in 2005 working in the development of the TOT-OLPC, a novel solution for power control in 3G mobile technologies. He distinguished himself with innovative approaches in product development, filing five patents and becoming a 3GPP contributor.

In 2007 he created the company’s consultant services group for mobile operators. There he led a project focused on the definition of actions to avoid access network congestions and to respond to traffic growth due to new services and promotions.

He holds a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Polytechnic University of Madrid and an MBA from CESMA Business School. He started his professional career as a researcher in the Polytechnic University of Madrid working on UMTS simulation tools and studying algorithms related to the Quality of Service in 3G networks.

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